“Lose Me Not” Retention Spell

If you’re like me, you constantly lose things whether you’re traveling across the country or just walking to the mail box! I’m literally the worst at misplacing things when I’m out and about. iPhones, cameras, wallets, keys… nothing seems to be safe when it comes time to hit the town with me, so for ages I have been trying to find a retention spell that was as strong as I was clumsy and I finally cracked it a year ago. Super easy and perfect for pockets, purses, backpacks and any travel accessory, this spell will keep your items with you where they belong. Repeat this daily, as necessary.


cumin seeds

STEP 1:  Pack your bag or pockets with everything you require for your journey.

STEP 2:  Sprinkle a few cumin seeds (5 or more) in your power hand.

STEP 3:  Charge the seeds by envisioning them morphing into tiny, little magnets that only attract your personal items.

STEP 4:  Without breaking your concentration, sprinkle the seeds in your bag or pockets and imagine all the seeds keeping all of your belongings magnetized to you like an anchor.


Also, feel free to craft a short little rhyme to recite when you do this little ritual if that makes you feel more connected to your magic! Some witches like using spoken words in spells, but some don’t find it necessary. I use words occasionally, but not often. I find that a strong visualization is usually all I need to get my magic flowing.

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