“White Lemon” Full Moon Attunement Oil

The lunar energy of a full Moon can be quite unsettling for some people! With my quick, DIY magic oil, you will be feeding off of the full Moon instead of fleeing from it. This oil is only useful on the day before a full Moon, the day of a full Moon, and the day after a full Moon – so you will only get to use this 36 days out of the year.  Be sure to discard any remaining oil after 2 years.


– clear quartz crystal

– sunflower oil

– lemon oil

STEP 1:  Find a small, resealable glass container and add in a small piece (or pieces) of clear quartz. You can add as much or little quartz as you like for visual aesthetics.

STEP 2:  Hold the crystal filled container in your sensing hand, hover your power hand over it, close your eyes, and envision yourself sitting under the light of a full Moon – feeling happy, invigorated, and soothed by it.

STEP 3:  Open your eyes and without breaking concentration, add 2 drops of lemon oil for every teaspoon of sunflower oil you pour into the container. If you don’t know how much you want to make, I recommend starting with 6 drops of lemon oil and 3 teaspoons of sunflower oil. That should last you a good while. Also, it’s best to add the drops of lemon oil into the container first, as sometimes you might accidentally add more drops than you mean to, and more teaspoons of sunflower oil may be needed accordingly.

On the days you wear this oil, shake the oil, then repeat the process of envisioning yourself being energized by the Moon as you apply it. You can apply it on your wrists, behind your ears, or at the base of your neck if you want to really relish in the scent!

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