The #1 Crystal You Need On Your Nightstand

Amethyst has always been known to be a natural sleep inducer that assists in achieving a very restful sleep, but no strand of amethyst is more adept at this than rutilated amethyst. Rutilated amethyst’s appearance is not much different than any other amethyst except for the fact that it contains countless fragments of rutile. This happens because rutile is quite heat resistant, and can withstand the intense pressure and heat emitted when a crystal is forming and can exist within it – if present. The other way rutile works it’s way into a crystal is by growing in through various cracks when the crystal is cooling and forming. Regardless, the end result is enchanting and extremely powerful.


Rutile appears as red, brown, black, or golden needle-like threads whisped throughout a crystal – almost like suspended dandelion seeds! It is not often you will find a piece of rutilated amethyst, but when you do… you’ve hit the crystal jackpot. Rutilated crystals give off a particularly strong energy and amplify the power of any other crystal they are around. Rutile also raises any natural healing properties that the crystal it is included in might possess… so in this case, rutile would turn an ordinary, sleepy amethyst into a SUPER SLEEPY amethyst.


It has an extremely ethereal vibration and will most likely find you before you find it. For example, I went into a magic shop in Los Angeles and found a bin full of rough cut amethyst, and this particular piece kept catching my eye. I was purchasing a lot that day… maybe even too much, so I told myself that if it was still there the next time I went back – I would buy it. About a month later, I went back and it was one of the last few pieces of amethyst that was still left, so I, of course, knew it was meant to be. After getting it home and getting such unusually strong energy from the stone, I examined it closer in very bright lighting and found all of the rutile embedded within. I, immediately, put it beside my bed and it hasn’t left that spot since, and I’ve never slept better in my life. I use to wake up at all hours of the night and have also been prone to sleepwalking, but this immediately ceased once I place the rutilated amethyst by my bed. Even I, someone who works with magic every day, am still astounded by how strong this crystal is and how good it is at doing it’s job. I’ve never even had to cleanse my rutilated amethyst once after the initial cleansing and charging. It just keeps up the energy momentum without skipping a beat. Every night, it’s like I just melt into my bed. So if you have trouble sleeping, or just want to sleep like a rock… get your hands on this crystal!

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