Candle Magic Color Correspondence Guide

Below, you will find the metaphysical properties for every candle color used in magic, along with 3 metallics – copper, silver, and gold. Many magical properties overlap, giving use to several different colors, but to avoid repetition and for the sake of putting your best magical foot forward – I have only listed the best and most powerful candle for each task, allowing only a few properties to overlap between candle colors (ie. using either green, gold, and/or copper in a money magic spell). Read the entire list very carefully before choosing the appropriate candle.


WHITE CANDLES – Full Moon, spirituality, purity, peace, protection, truth, banishing negative energy, programming/substituting

*If no other candle colors are available to you, you can substitute white candles for any color candle.

BROWN CANDLES  –  wishes, manifesting, grounding, solidity, nature magic


DARK RED / MAROON CANDLES  –  lust, anger, revenge, hate, enemies, black magic

*If no maroon candles are available to you, you can substitute them with WHITE CANDLES or a more powerful combination of RED CANDLES and BLACK CANDLES.


RED CANDLES  –  fire, passion, love, sex, physical strength, speed, survival, determination


ORANGE CANDLES  –  the Sun, creativity, attraction, adaptability, positivity, energy, control, stamina


YELLOW CANDLES  –  air, intelligence, knowledge, memory, logic, study, concentration, confidence, speech, friendship, removing mental blocks, overcoming addictions or bad habits


GREEN CANDLES  –  Earth, good luck, renewal, growth, fertility, physical healing, beauty, justice, success, abundance, nature, plant magic, kitchen/food magic, money magic


BLUE CANDLES  –  water, tranquility, communication, emotional healing, meditation, wisdom, truth, fidelity, intuition, spiritual power


PURPLE CANDLES  –  psychic power, third eye, divination, uncovering secrets, influencing others

* Purple candles work very slowly. Pair them with RED CANDLES to gain speed, if appropriate.


PINK CANDLES  –  spiritual healing, spiritual love, harmony, selflessness, offerings/charity, true love, romance

*Pink candles must be used with pure intent. Use with extra care in matters of the heart.



GREY CANDLES  –  neutrality, balance, reversing hexes back to the sender, neutralizing magic, repelling negative energy


BLACK CANDLES  –  protection, self control, patience, beginnings, hex removal, banishing negative energy, absorbing energy, removing obstacles, shapeshifting, binding, black magic

*Black candles are the post powerful shade of candle. Use with extra care.


COPPER CANDLES  – intellectual passions, goals, career, business, money magic


SILVER CANDLES  –  repelling negative energy, banishing negative energy, stability, success, psychic power, telepathy, astral travel, dream magic, feminine energy, Moon magic


GOLD CANDLES  –  winning, prosperity, money magic, good luck, health, happiness, emotional strength, Masculine energy, Sun magic

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